Simone is the CEO of Clinique La Prairie.
Clinique La Prairie is the world’s most exclusive clinic and one of the most iconic Swiss Brands. Today Simone is driving the international development of Clinique La Prairie and its diversification strategy, with the mission of creating a global player able to help people live a longer, healthier, and better life.
Simone is also CEO and co-founder of Clinique La Prairie Holistic Health, a leading ultraluxury company in “Longevity Supplements”.
Simone started his career working for over 10 years in consulting, following strategic and organizational projects for many leading Italian and international companies, with a special focus on luxury, business performance enhancement and intangible assets.
He then moved into the cosmetics business, where he held leading positions as GM and CEO of International companies. Simone has a deep knowledge of Asia where he has started up various different businesses.
He also serves on the board of various companies in the field of Cosmetics, Health and Genetics. Simone is regularly interviewed on wellness, skincare, strategy, and organization subjects.
He teaches luxury strategy and organization development.
He has written 2 books, and many articles.
He lives with his family in Switzerland.


You can contact Simone at: