How much do you love what you do?


Passion dyes all that it touches with its own colours.
Baltasar Gracián

Our subconscious has enormous power; it is the submerged part of an iceberg that can help us to solve the most difficult problems, guide us toward our objectives and help us to find the most creative solutions.

But our subconscious is activated only if we have strong motivation for what we are doing, only if we are truly INTERESTED in what we are doing. Only if we have PASSION.

Take the thing that you love most in your life. It could be your children, your companion or your parents.

Now give them a score from 1 to 10 in terms of interest for you. most likely you will have given you choice a score of 10. Good, now take for example your work, and, honestly, give it a score from 1 to 10. If your assessment is less than 8, you will not manage to have the subconscious drive that will allow you to have TRUE success. You are not motivated enough. You will not be energetic enough.

And you will not be happy enough.

Happiness is closely linked to the interest and passion that we put into the things that we do.

If you spend most of the day doing things that don’t interest you, you are dead for most of your time.

As Richard Koch suggests, identify the things that for you have an interest equal to 10 and try to do them for at least 80% of your time. If you really believe (and you’d do well to do so) that the things that you do with passion are done in an excellent way and so successfully, you will have the strength and the motivation to change.

Your life makes sense only if there is something in which you can put Passion. Heart. Soul.

What are the things that light up your passion? list the first 3.

How can you increase the time that you dedicate to them every day or even make them your one and only job?

Define for each area at least 5 possible actions that you can undertake right away.

Simone Gibertoni

From “The Path to Personal Excellence” by Simone Gibertoni